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Lori A. Clarke Scholarship created

CS Alumnus Rajesh Jha ('90 MS) and his wife, Sudha Mishra, have stepped forward with a donation to create a scholarship in Professor Lori A. Clarke's honor. Once it is fully funded, the Lori A. Clarke Scholarship in Computer Sciencewill be awarded to a first year graduate student (or students) from an underrepresented group.

Professor Clarke is part of the first generation of women to achieve their Ph.D.s in Computer Science. She joined the UMass Amherst Computer Science faculty in 1975. Today, she serves as Chair of the School. In addition to her award-winning research, she has advised dozens of bachelors, masters and doctoral degree students, including Jha who appreciates the mentoring he received from Clarke, as well as the scholarship he received from UMass Amherst.

"Lori is a pioneer and leading scholar in the area of software engineering. In addition to her groundbreaking research, she has been a hardworking advocate for creating more diversity in this critically important field. It's fitting that a scholarship bearing her name should be used to provide opportunities for others," notes Steve Goodwin, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences.

Please consider joining Rajesh and Sudha in making a donation to the Lori A. Clarke Scholarship in Computer Science. To donate, please go to www.umass.edu/give, choose the designation "School of Computer Science" and scroll to "Lori Clarke Scholarship."