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ImmermanFest held during LCC 2014

In honor of Professor Neil Immerman's 60th birthday, an "ImmermanFest" Workshop was organized as part of the Fifteenth International Workshop on Logic and Computational Complexity (LCC 2014) held in Vienna, Austria.  During the daylong ImmermanFest Workshop, six leading researchers who were influenced by Immerman's work presented lectures of their research. Immerman's former student, Kousha Etessami (CS Ph.D. '95), was the primary organizer of the event, with assistance from Anuj Dawar, Mooly Sagiv, and CS Professor Shlomo Zilberstein.  Event organizers noted that Immerman "has been one of the leading figures in the development of descriptive complexity, which has elucidated intimate and beautiful connections between complexity theory and finite model theory." At the end of the ImmermanFest program, participants were invited to a dinner to celebrate Immerman's birthday. After dinner, the group celebrated with a cake decorated with a picture of the cover of Immerman's book. ImmermanFest was affiliated with the "Vienna Summer of Logic," two weeks of meetings that included twelve large conferences and numerous workshops related to logic and computer science.