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Emery Berger, Nilanjan Banerjee, and Shaun Kane receive 2013 SEIF Awards

Associate Professor Emery Berger and CS alums Nilanjan Banerjee (Ph.D. '09) and Shaun Kane (M.S. '05) received Microsoft Research Software Engineering Innovation Foundation (SEIF) 2013 Awards. SEIF awards support academic research in software engineering technologies, tools, practices, and teaching methods. Sixteen projects received funding from 2013 SEIF awards from 141 proposals.

Berger's SEIF award project is "CheckCell: Data Debugging for Spreadsheets." CheckCell is a data debugging tool that plugs into Microsoft Excel. This work focuses on discovering highly unusual interactions between data and the programs that operate on them, since these are either errors or deserve special attention. Berger is a leader of the PLASMA group (Programming Languages and Systems at Massachusetts).

For his SEIF project, Banerjee, an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, is constructing a multi-sensor wearable assistive device that recognizes gestures for paralysis patients.

Kane, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, is working on "Wheeltop Interaction: Full-Body Gesture Control for Power Wheelchair Users" for his SEIF project.

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