Faculty Recruiting Support CICS

EMC student awards 2015

EMC Corporation established an undergraduate scholarship this year, and continued funding the EMC Student Participation Awards. The 2015 recipients of the EMC Award for Outstanding Achievement as a Sophomore are Maya Bergandy and Karl Schmeckpeper. The award is given to top undergraduates in the UMass Amherst School of Computer Science, who are in their sophomore year, as determined by a faculty committee.

In 2014, EMC established the Student Participation Award to assist CS students in conference travel and other activities. The 2015 EMC Student Participation Award recipients are Apoorva Rao Balevalachilu, Myungha Jang, Tiffany Liu, Sneha Shankar Narayan, Emma Strubell, Amee Trivedi, and Dan Zhang. This year's funding will help defray costs for the recipients to attend the CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop in San Francisco. Four other CS graduate students, Yunmeng Ban, Ishita Dasgupta, Liudmila Elagina, and Sofya Vorotnikova, are also able to attend the Workshop through CRA-W funding.