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Deans' Statement on Inclusion and Equality in STEM

Laura Haas
Laura Haas

The climate for women in STEM fields has been prominently in the spotlight, with stories of challenges and barriers to womens' success in both the academy and in industry increasingly reaching the public consciousness. As the academic year begins, we are writing to affirm our strong commitment and dedication to advancing a climate of inclusion and equity in STEM for all groups, especially in our colleges and across campus.

STEM advances arise when new perspectives are brought to challenging problems. As an institution of higher education, our responsibility in advancing this diversity of perspective is as important as the discipline-specific training that we provide in the classroom and through our research programs. Differences in experience or identity must never create barriers to individual success but rather serve as the foundation on which we collectively reach new heights. To that end, we draw your attention to the statement from the Chancellor and Provost about the University's commitment to providing an environment that honors this commitment: http://bit.ly/2gDI6S1

To achieve our aspirations, we must have difficult conversations, challenge existing thinking, and above all work together as a community of faculty, staff, postdocs, and students. With you at our side, we are confident that UMass Amherst will emerge as a leader in promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in STEM.

Laura Haas
Dean, College of Information and Computer Sciences 

Tricia Serio 
Dean, College of Natural Sciences 

Tim Anderson
Dean, College of Engineering