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College Welcomes New Director of Development

Julie Stubbs

UMass Amherst fundraiser Julie Stubbs joined CICS as director of development, effective January 19, 2016. Stubbs brings 12 years of experience in heading the philanthropic efforts at nonprofits and UMass Amherst. Her initial position on campus was in the College of Natural Sciences, where she supported the then-named Department of Computer Science in creating scholarship funds. After two successful years, Stubbs transitioned to director of development for the College of Education (CoE) in 2012.

Over three and a half years in the CoE, Stubbs partnered with leaders and donors to bring philanthropic support to critical areas such as faculty research, student scholarships, and buildings and infrastructure. Her work resulted in the college surpassing its campaign goal of $8.5 million one year prior to the conclusion of the UMass Rising Fundraising campaign.

"We are very pleased to welcome Julie to CICS," said Bruce Croft, distinguished professor and dean. "She will be leading the college's efforts in fundraising and donor relations, strengthening our financial foundations, and building new, lasting relationships with those who support our mission. Alumni involvement is critical to the life and success of our new college. Julie is an exceptionally capable leader for our efforts in these areas."

Stubbs added, "When alumni, whether undergraduate or graduate, are involved members of the CICS community, amazing things happen--networks develop between students and alumni, alumni from different years connect with one another, industry-sponsored research bolsters faculty research and student support, and volunteers step forward to help guide the college and bring new opportunities to the forefront. This is the environment in which philanthropy lives."

As CICS's dedicated development director, Stubbs will partner with the dean and faculty members to engage with the college's 3,200 alumni. She welcomes contact with all members of the CICS community and can be reached at 413-545-1220 or stubbs@cics.umass.edu.