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Teaching Assistant Requirement

Ph.D. TA Requirement

There are 2* ways to pass the Teaching Assistant Requirement

1. Complete a semester long teaching assistantship. Half-time (10 hour) assistantships can be used to satify this requirement.

2. Perform TA-like duties as part of mentoring from a faculty member. In this case the Prof. that you are working with should notify the GPD, who will review your duties and decide whether or not to grant a wavier of the requirement.

In addition, all PhD students will complete CICS890T Teaching Assistant, Tomorrow's Faculty starting in the fall 2017.

*In some cases the department will accept prior teaching or TA'ing experience in lieu of the local TA requirement.  If you wish to request such a consideration, please collect (1) what class you taught or helped teach, including when and where; (2) a description of what your role and responsibilities were in the class; and (3) a letter from the instructor of the course or other responsible faculty member that supports what you've described.  Provide the information to the Graduate Program Manager.  Final approval will come from the Graduate Program Director.