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Alexandra Meliou

Assistant Professor
330 CS Building
(413) 545-3788


Data and information management; data provenance; causality; data analytics; reverse data management.


Professor Meliou's research interests are in the area of data and information management, with an emphasis on provenance, causality, and reverse data management. Her current focus is on the multiple challenges that emerge at the intersection of database systems and business intelligence applications. One major goal of her research is to extend the capabilities of modern database systems to support business decisions and strategy planning queries, which commonly involve optimization problems over large data. Professor Meliou commonly combines methods and techniques from research in database systems, graph and approximation algorithms, and probabilistic inference.


Ph.D., Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley (2009); M.S., Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley (2005); B.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (2003). Professor Meliou joined the College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2012. Prior to this, she spent three years as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington.

Activities & Awards

Professor Meliou is a 2008 Siebel Scholar. She regularly serves on the program committees of SIGMOD, VLDB, and ICDE, and reviews for multiple conferences and journals on database management. In addition to her research, she is passionate about teaching and promoting the recruitment and retainment of women and minorities in computer science.