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Responsible Use of Public Information Technologies

21 Oct
Friday, 10/21/2022 10:30am to 12:00pm
Isenberg School of Management, Room N135
Special Event

Have you ever been frustrated because you find it difficult to disconnect from your smartphone and email? Do you wonder how companies are using your data or about biases in artificial intelligence algorithms that shape decisions that affect you, ranging from mortgage rates to medical triage? Information technologies are now public goods--everyone uses them and/or is affected by them in both good and bad ways. Join us for a panel that takes a look at how we can adopt a socially responsible approach towards technologies of everyday use to both advance business goals and promote public interests.

Panelists for this event:

  • Harvey Ashman, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counselor IQVIA, USA
  • Chris Flack, Co-Founder, UnPlug, Dublin
  • Dr. Lindsey Zuloaga, Chief Data Scientist, HireVue, USA

In case of questions, contact Yolanda Meleco.