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Giving Good Talks Workshop

27 Sep
Monday, 09/27/2021 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Computer Science Building, Room 150/151, Zoom

TL;DR: You can learn to give good talks, and it's really important that you do. Attend this recurring workshop series and we'll teach you and give you practice opportunities.

Being able to give good talks is essential to your long-term career success, whether you're an academic researcher or an industry professional. Yair Zick, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, and Brant Cheikes, Executive Director of the Center for Data Science, have mastered the art of giving good talks and are passionate about sharing their advice with you. In this recurring workshop series - every second Monday at 5:30 PM in CS 150/151 starting on September 27th - students will volunteer to give short talks and get supportive and constructive feedback to help them improve. Each one-hour session will end with some brief instruction delivered by Yair and/or Brant. Afterward, there will be some time for informal Q&A. If you're uncomfortable or even afraid at the prospect of getting up in front of an audience and giving a talk, then you should join us!

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Questions? Email Yair Zick and Brant Cheikes.