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28 Jan
Sunday, 01/28/2024 1:00pm to Wednesday, 01/31/2024 5:00pm
Lederle Graduate Research Center; Computer Science Building
Graduate Event

Welcome to the second year of the OlympCICS competition at the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences!

OlympCICS is a four-day student-run extravaganza tailor-made for you (a Manning CICS grad student)! It’s all about fun, competitions, and free food.

Grad students “take over” the CS and LGRC buildings for a week to take a break, have some fun, and recharge. The event is graciously funded and supported by the department.

This year's event will include a puzzle hunt, a foosball tournament, mini golfing in LGRC, esports, competitive synchronized dancing, and much much more! Learn more at https://olympcics.github.io.