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PhD Student Profiles

Hear directly from some PhD students about their research and their UMass Amherst experience!


Hochul Hwang

Hochul Hwang from Seoul, Republic of Korea describes his work developing a four-legged robot guide dog and what he likes about living in Amherst. (Advisor: Donghyn Kim)

Priyanka Mary Mammen

Priyanka Mary Mammen from Kerala, India describes her research understanding sleep patterns using smart devices and how she leans on her local support system. (Advisor: Prashant Shenoy)


Nikko Bovornkeeratiroj

Nikko Bovornkeeratiroj from Bangkok, Thailand describes how an undergrad textbook led him to UMass and how flooding in his home country inspires his research on sustainability. (Advisor: Prashant Shenoy)

Emily First

Emily First describes her work creating automated tools to create bug-free software, and how she met her husband in her first machine learning class. (Advisor: Yuriy Brun)


Yunda LiU

Yunda Liu describes his research developing machine-learning algorithms to detect point-to-point movements, which can help with upper limb rehabilitation, and why he's glad to be at UMass, making a difference in the real world. (Advisor: Ivan Lee)