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CICS Undergraduate Program Rule Changes in Response to COVID-19

On February 1, 2021, the University notified undergraduate students that the Pass/Fail grading accommodations from Fall 2020 were being partially extended to the Spring 2021 semester. Specifically, undergraduate students may take up to three classes Pass/Fail in Spring 2021 and courses taken Pass/Fail will count for major credit. However, each department or major may, if it so chooses, use the underlying letter grades (i.e., the initially-reported letter grades) in prerequisite courses that are taken pass/fail in Spring 2021 to enforce the minimum grade requirement specified for registering, or staying registered, in a later course or for entering the particular major. The College of Information and Computer Sciences has not yet issued a decision on whether and how letter grades underlying pass (P) grades will be considered for prerequisite courses and for entering the computer science and informatics majors. The page will be updated when a decision is issued. The FAQ below describes the Pass/Fail policy as it applies to courses taken in Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 only.

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