Faculty Recruiting Make a Gift

The CICS Careers website has moved to cics.umass.edu/careers.

Visit our new site to find insights that will help you discover, explore, and pursue your career. 

CICS Careers Mission


The College of Information and Computer Sciences Career Center empowers and engages our undergraduate and graduate students to discover, explore, and pursue professional experiences. We provide broad opportunities for students to connect with employers and alumni in order to develop and showcase their competitive skills and unique strengths. We aim to develop entrepreneurial leaders who are prepared to better our local and global communities.


The CICS Career Center will continuously improve and scale its strategic programming, relationships, and resources to promote high student engagement, enhance effectiveness, and ultimately generate successful CICS graduates.


We are committed to demonstrating the following values in all that we do:

  • Student-centric. Empowering and serving students to achieve their individual potential and goals

  • Forward-thinking. Innovating through collaboration, data-driven experimentation, and continuous learning

  • Professional Excellence. Offering insights to develop world-class students prepared to become future trailblazers

  • Community-minded. Building a supportive community by advocating for inclusion, generosity, and integrity