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CS Major

CS Major overview

Our B.S. degree program is seeking students who wish to be at the center of our exciting science. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for challenging positions in the computing profession as well as graduate programs in CS. Students in our major join a community that is performing state-of-the-art research and benefit from small classes and exciting electives. Majors are encouraged to become involved with one of the College's many research projects, especially in their senior year.

Students in the major begin with our 100-level early-sequence classes, and then move on to core concepts in CS at the 200-level along with a sequence of mathematics classes. Our 300-level classes cover fundamental concepts in software engineering, algorithms, operating systems, and artificial intelligence. Students then take at least two classes from a list comprised of networking, databases, theory, compilers, and computer architecture. Finally, we offer an astounding number of electives for juniors and seniors, including forensics, robotics, usability, computer graphics, security, and more. Our curriculum is described on our web pages. Or, take a look at the course descriptions and schedule for the upcoming semester.