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October 6, 2021

Virtual and In-Person

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In-Person, Virtual or Both

UMass Amherst students are vaccinated and have returned to campus this fall for a safe, in-person, college experience. Many are looking forward to in-person recruiting events, while others prefer the advantages of virtual or are worried about COVID-19 variants. For this reason, we are offering both options -- you decide!

  • In-Person Option: 10am-3pm ET @ UMass Amherst 
  • Virtual Option: 4pm-8pm ET Video Calls

Career Fair Plus, our easy-to-learn web and mobile app, will be used for this hybrid event, whether you are here in Amherst or joining virtually. Participants can use the app to learn about employers, filter based on hiring criteria, schedule conversations, and more.


Employers can involve unlimited representatives, each with their own fully-customizable schedule. We will update you as your schedules fill so you can have the right number of representatives to match student demand and avoid crowding. $400 per employer (all-inclusive).

Employer Registration

Students will be able to schedule time using Career Fair Plus, guided based on prerequisites selected by the employer. No more waiting in line, only to hear “we don’t hire first-year students, international students, etc.” 2,000+ CICS students, as well as STEM students from Western Mass colleges and universities are encouraged to attend. All students and alumni are welcome. 


Recruiter: CF Plus is the best platform I’ve encountered so far.

In-Person Option: 10am-3pm ET Tech Fair 2019

  • COVID-19 Safe: We expect all in-person career fair participants to be fully-vaccinated. The current policy requires face coverings indoors in nearly all circumstances, as well as outdoors where social distancing is not possible. Participants are encouraged to take other precautions, as preferred. We are exploring outdoor options using a tent.
  • Pre-scheduled: Due to COVID-19 safety precautions and logistics, all in-person recruiting interactions will be scheduled using Career Fair +. Students will be allowed to schedule open times, even during the event. 
  • Lunch on Us: Alumni or recruiters who know about our #1 dining services will be happy to hear that a lunch break at the new Worcester Dining Commons is included for in-person participants. Outdoor food trucks are also available.
  • Choose Your Own Booth: Register early so you can pick your favorite booth location at our Computer Science Building. Students will use the Interactive Event Map to find you for your scheduled conversation. Electricity is not guaranteed at the table itself, but we will have charging stations.
  • Fall: Early October is one of the best times to be in Western Mass. Enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, visit local hotspots, or take a tour of UMass’s flagship campus. We enjoy hosting and are so happy to have everyone back.

Recruiter: We got to meet many very bright and talented CS majors.

Virtual Option: 4pm-8pm ET

  • Video Calls: By now all of us are used to several video conference platforms. Career Fair Plus integrates seamlessly with Whereby, or you can use your preferred technology.
  • West Coast Friendly: Alumni and recruiters can’t beat this convenient way to recruit in Western Mass without any travel costs. 4-8pm ET is intended to fit your work day, and many students like participating after classes too.
  • Flexibility: Configure your schedule so you don’t miss a meeting. Change of plans for your in-person representatives? We can switch them to virtual, even on short notice. 
  • Socially Distanced: Not vaccinated or comfortable around groups? With our proven success using Career Fair Plus for virtual events, you will not miss out on one of the best recruiting opportunities of the year. Private one-on-one conversations are also ideal for individuals who may feel overwhelmed at big events.
  • Customer Support: The Career Fair Plus team is ready to make setup and troubleshooting quick and easy. CICS Careers will make sure you have a positive Tech Fair experience. 

Student: The 1:1 meetings were fantastic. It was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Have a question? Ask the CICS Careers co-leads, Brian and Dale.Brian Krusell

Employer Registration - Tech Fair 2021 - UMass Amherst