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08 Jun
PhD Thesis Defense
Zoom Meeting
Tuesday, 06/08/2021 9:30am to 11:30am

Zoom link: https://umass-amherst.zoom.us/j/96678534727


In recent years, Machine Learning techniques have revolutionized solutions to longstanding image-based problems, like image classification,...

09 Jun
Academic Calendar
Wednesday, 06/09/2021 (All day)

Last day to drop with "W" or "DR" and select 'P/F' any CPE Session One class

25 Jun
Academic Calendar
Friday, 06/25/2021 (All day)

Last day of Classes - CPE Session One

04 Jul
Academic Calendar
Sunday, 07/04/2021 (All day)

Holiday - Independent Day

  No Classes.
05 Jul
Academic Calendar
Monday, 07/05/2021 (All day)

Holiday - Independence Day observed

06 Jul
Academic Calendar
Tuesday, 07/06/2021 (All day)

First day of classes - CPE Session Two

07 Jul
Academic Calendar
Wednesday, 07/07/2021 (All day)

CPE Session One final grades due

09 Jul
Academic Calendar
Friday, 07/09/2021 (All day)

University Summer 2021 -  Last day to drop with "W" or "DR"

12 Jul
Academic Calendar
Monday, 07/12/2021 (All day)

Last day to add/drop any CPE Sesion Two class

28 Jul
Academic Calendar
Wednesday, 07/28/2021 (All day)

Last day to drop with "W" or "DR" and select 'P/F' any CPE Session Two class