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Celebrating Fall 2022 PhD Graduates

The Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences would like to congratulate the following recent doctoral students who graduated in the fall of 2022, and celebrate their next steps in industry and the academy.

Raghavendra Addanki
Advised by Andrew McGregor and Cameron Musco
Adobe Research, Research Scientist

Alyx Burns
Advised by Narges Mahyar
Mount Holyoke College, Lecturer

Yash Chandak
Advised by Philip Thomas
Stanford University, Postdoc

Haw-Shiuan Chang
Advised by Andrew McCallum
Amazon.com Alexa AI, Postdoc

Aritra Ghosh
Advised by Andrew Lan
Meta, Research Scientist

Abhinav Jangda
Advised by Arjun Guha
Microsoft Research, Senior Researcher

Anil Kumar Saini
Advised by Lee Spector
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Postdoc

Xiang Li
Advised by Andrew McCallum
Allen Institute for AI, Young Investigator

Difan Liu
Advised by Evangelos Kalogerakis
Adobe, Research Scientist

Manish Motwani
Advised by Yuriy Brun
Georgia Tech, Postdoc

Sheikh Muhammad
Advised by James Allan
Amazon, Applied Scientist

Milad Nasresfahani
Advised by Amir Houmansadr

Brandon Oubre
Advised by Sunghoon Ivan Lee
Massachusetts General Hospital, Postdoc

Hamed Rezanejad Asl Bonab
Advised by James Allan
Amazon, Applied Scientist

Subendhu Rongali
Advised by Andrew McCallum
Amazon Alexa AI, Applied Scientist

Soha Rostaminia
Advised by Deepak Ganesan
Apple, Machine Learning Scientist

Meet Vadera
Advised by Benjamin Marlin
Amazon, Applied Scientist

Lakshmi Vikraman
Advised by Bruce Croft