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Graduate Independent Study Form

Independent Study FORM PROCESS

Students interested in an independent study are required to discuss their proposed independent study with a computer science faculty member prior to engaging in an independent study with that faculty member.  An outside faculty member may only be added as a secondary evaluator. After you have discussed your project with a faculty member follow the instructions below.

1.     Discuss your independent study with your faculty member prior to completing the form.
2.     Once approved to engage in the independent study by your faculty member, complete the Graduate Independent Study Form below.
3.     The course number and number of credits must be completed and discussed with your faculty member prior to submitting the form.
4.     Complete all fields in the form (Descriptive Title, Faculty Name, Statement of Objectives, Planned Activities and Criteria for Evaluation).
5.     Once completed, submit the form. The form will be routed to your faculty member, the Graduate Program Assistant and the Director of Graduate Programs for approval.
6.     Once approved by the Director of Graduate Programs, the Graduate Program Assistant will enroll you in the course on SPIRE.
7.     If the independent study form is submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant after the add/drop deadline, an Add/Drop form must accompany the independent study form. Complete and send the late Add/Drop form to the Graduate Programs Manager Eileen Hamel at ehamel@cs.umass.edu. The late Add/Drop form can be found here: online form.
8.     If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Graduate Programs Manager Eileen Hamel at ehamel@cs.umass.edu.

(e.g. Paper, Log, etc.)
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if not in list - username@cs.umass.edu