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Graduate Certificate in Information Security

This form serves as the pre-application for the Graduate Certificate in Information Security. You must be enrolled as a UMass Amherst graduate student or post-graduate non-degree student before submitting this application. See http://www.umass.edu/gradschool/admissions/ or www.umassulearn.net for admission information.  Questions about this program should be directed to infosec@cs.umass.edu or call (413) 545-3024.

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Please tell us about your level of familiarity and experience with topics such as information technology, computers, computer science, networking, and scripting or programming. This familiarity could be via professional experience, coursework, or self-learning.
Classes at the 500-level and above can be taken by undergraduates and graduate students. Please click to acknowledge that the Graduate-level TACC certificate is available only to persons with a bachelors degree recognized by UMass Amherst. Note: students without an undergraduate degree can still take the graduate-level classes and apply them to the Undergraduate-level TACC certificate.
Do you plan to complete the certificate with online classes only from CPE? Or are you an on-campus student that plans to use on-campus equivalents if available?