Faculty Recruiting Support CICS

Fall 2022 Override Form

Students who require special permission to enroll in University Scheduled CICS, COMPSCI or INFO courses should complete this form.
NOTE: Additional steps may be needed for UWW section enrollment.

This form is not to bypass prerequisites. Students without the listed prerequisites on SPIRE must provide alternative prerequisites for review.

This form is also not for FULL courses. Students who meet both eligibility and prerequisites as listed on SPIRE should add themself to the SPIRE waitlist as their override requests will be denied.



OVERRIDES FOR 600+ level courses

Student Information
Enter school email if Five College or Non-Degree
Non-CICS Major Information
Complete if not a current UMass Amherst CS or INFORM Major
Enter Five College School if Five College
Override Information
Enter any preferred lab/discussion sections if applicable
NOTE: Some reasons may not be valid for override. Refer to the override webpage for more information
Use this space for any additional comments regarding this override request.
1 Start 2 Complete