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Subplan Change for BS

Entered CS Major after May 2016 - Revised BS-CS Curriculum (no subplan declaration)

Only students who entered the major prior to May 2016 have subplans on SPIRE.
Subplan changes do not apply: 1) if entered the University in Fall 2016 (or later), or 2) if changed into the CS major after Spring 2016.

The revised BS-CS has options for specialized study in computer science based on course selection.

Entered CS Major prior to May 2016

Accurate subplans (aka Concentrations, Tracks, Specialty Tracks) are important for planning your future schedules.  Your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) should show your correct subplan.  A change in subplan may be requested at any time, but should be requested prior to senior year.

Change in Requirements:  All CS Majors who entered the CS Major prior to May 2016 had the option to change to the revised BS-CS curriculum.  Details and forms (CIRT-Change in Requirement Term) were provided to these CS Majors during the summer of 2016 with the option to change to the revised curriculum by the September 30, 2016 deadline.

Only students who opted to continue under the subplan curriculum have an option to request a change in subplan using the online form.  Contact upd@cs.umass.edu if you have questions.

Readmitted Students:  When students return to UMass after a break in enrollment, completing a CIRT form will be required unless entry to the major was under the Revised BS curriculum.  For students who have been away for an extended period of time, the Undergraduate Program Director will determine what previous coursework is applicable to the curriculum in effect at the time of re-entry.  Email upd@cs.umass.edu.