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Search and Data Mining Track

Search and data mining techniques form the core of many popular software applications. These applications help people access, use, and understand the huge variety of connected information available on the web, at social media sites, in companies, and in government agencies. This track provides the student both the formal and practical training needed for a software industry position or for graduate study in this rapidly developing area.


Note that for students graduating by May 2012, if CS 291SP (now called CS 230) has not been taken, then Operating Systems (377) is a required elective.

  • Six required courses:
    • 311 Algorithms
    • 320 Software Engineering
    • 348 / 591Y Know. Discovery
    • 445 Information Systems
    • 446 Search Engines
    • 585 Natural Lang. Processing
  • Two CS electives numbered 300 or above (not including 305).