CS Departmental Honors - Research Advisors

The listing below shows faculty who are actively looking to work with honors students. The listing includes the faculty member's research area (or a more detailed project area), the courses they would like you to have taken to work with them, and the number of honors research positions they currently have open. The full listing of computer science faculty is available here. Students should ensure that they meet the departmental honors track eligibility requirements before contacting potential advisors. Eligible students need to be conditionally admitted to the DH track and have a faculty member willing to supervise their research before they begin preparing a 499Y contract and semester plan.

Honors Research Openings for Spring 2018

Last Update 11/5/2017

Prof. Barrington

  • Research/Project Area: Complexity Theory
  • Desired Courses: CS 501
  • Positions: 1

Prof. Brun

  • Research/Project Area: Automatically testing software for discrimination
  • Desired Courses: CS 220
  • Positions: 1

Prof. Clarke

  • Research/Project Area: UI and visualization for context-aware smart checklists
  • Desired Courses: CS 320
  • Positions: 2

Prof. Grinstein

  • Research/Project Area: Machine learning, visualization, visual analytics
  • Desired Courses: CS 590V
  • Positions: 3

Prof. Guha

  • Research/Project Area: Programming Languages
  • Desired Courses: CS 497P
  • Positions: 1

Prof. Lee

  • Research/Project Area: Mobile systems for health
  • Desired Courses: CS 335 and/or 390N
  • Positions: 1-2

Prof. Woolf

  • Research/Project Area: HCI, Machine Learning, Data Science, AI
  • Positions: 1