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BS Subplans (a.k.a. Tracks)

Students that are enrolled in the B.S. program prior to May 2016 have the option of completing one of ten subplans that concentrate electives in one area of computer science.

There is also a General Computer Science track for students that don't wish to specialize in one particular topic. To complete the GenCompSci track, students must take:

  • CS 377 Operating Systems
  • CS 311 Algorithms
  • CS 383 Artificial Intelligence
  • Two CS courses numbered 300 or higher (excluding CS305)
  • Three CS courses numbered 400 or higher

As with the other tracks, only 3 credits in 499T/P OR 496 count toward major requirments, and all courses numbered x90-x99 require approval of the Undergraduate Program Director to be applied toward the BS.

To request a Change in Subplan (or specialty track), submit a request using the online form.

We are often asked how students can focus on Gaming topics.  We do not have a specific track in gaming, however, a number of our students have gone on to work in the gaming industry. Gaming is a broad collection of CS topics, and fortunately, we do offer the right courses to cover them. You should complete the set using the General Computer Science track. Specifically, we suggest: CS320 Software Engineering, CS325 Intro to Human Computer Interaction, CS377 Operating Systems, CS383 Artifical Intelligence, CS453 Computer Networking, CS373 Computer Graphics, and CS529 Software Eng Project Management (and you'll need a free elective). Also Physics 151 and 152 as your science requirement. There are usually other relevant courses offered as well. We've also recently offered Programming on the iPhone, and have had courses in Flash and multimedia topics. We also suggest minoring in Art (contact  Prof Galvis-Assmus) or at least taking Art Dept courses in digital graphic design.