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Artificial Intelligence Track

Computers are changing our lives and artificial intelligence techniques are paving the way for this rapid transformation.  The Artificial Intelligence Track focuses on the fundamental mechanisms that enable the construction of intelligent systems that can operate autonomously, learn from experience, plan their actions, and solve complex problems.  Applications include robots that plan their own actions, webcrawlers that efficiently locate information, intelligent assistants that help humans detect financial fraud, and game-playing systems that perform better than any human player.  The track prepares students to use AI techniques in various projects and to engage in advanced study of AI.  It covers key challenges in computing such as how to represent human knowledge and mechanize thought processes, how to use computational models to understand, explain, and predict complex behavior of individuals or groups, and how to make computers as easy to interact with as people.


Note that for students graduating by May 2012, if CS 291SP (now called CS 230) has not been taken, then Operating Systems (377) is a required elective.

  • Three required courses:
    • 311 Algorithms
    • 320 Software Engineering
    • 383 Artificial Intelligence
  • Any two courses from the following:
    • 370 Computer Vision (or 670)
    • 403 Robotics
    • 446 Search Engines*
    • 503 Emb. Systems
    • 585 Natural Lang. Proc.
    • 589 Machine Learning
    • 683 Advanced AI
    • See notes below
  • Three CS electives numbered 300 or above (not including 305).
  • Note: At least 3 of the 8 track courses must be ≥ 400 level

*February 2013:  CMPSCI 446 approved for Any two menu.

*November 2011: Since no 300- and 400- level classes from the menu are being offered in Spring 2012, CS446 Search Engines may be taken towards the requirement.

*March 2011: Since no 300- or 400-level class from the menu ("any two.." above) are being offered in Fall 2011, students may take CS348 Knowledge Discovery towards that requirement. And students may count CS348 as a 400-level class for the purposes of the "3 of 8" rule. Students are also encouraged to propose to take AI-related courses available from the Five Colleges.