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Zachary Weinberg

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Zack Weinberg studies Internet security and privacy, recently
concentrating on reverse engineering the actual policies enforced by
nation-state censorship agencies.  He is also interested in the
challenges of natural language processing for languages where large
corpora of text are not available and/or where the "standard" version
of the language is very different from the vernacular(s); in security
aspects of programming language design (e.g. how do you make it so
that it is more natural to write secure code than insecure code?), and
in broadening the audience served by computer science education.


Dr. Weinberg received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in 2019.
Prior to his graduate career, he worked for some time in the computer
industry, doing development on applications you may have heard of
(e.g. Firefox, GCC) and others you probably haven't (e.g. Monotone,
libxcrypt).  When he's not writing code or papers, he dabbles in
various arts and crafts (ask him about candle making!) and is always
up for a nature walk or a museum.  He is almost but not quite old
enough to remember Usenet before its eternal September.