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Pranjali Ajay Parse

student employee
Career Developer
A243 Lowrise


Pranjali Ajay Parse is a Career Developer with CICS Careers. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Science at CICS. Pranjali has always been passionate about working with data specifically textual languages, creating automation pipelines, and building applications. Her area of interest lies in Natural Language Processing and Conversational AI. Prior to her Master's, she was working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Balance, and intends to build highly scalable NLP systems to solve real-world problems in the recruitment and healthcare sector. At CICS Careers, she is thrilled to work with graduate and undergraduate students in helping them find their unique career path. Her major goal is to help the students in preparing and enhancing their profile and networking skills during the entire job search process. Apart from academics, her interests include playing sports especially badminton, hiking & travelling, sketching, dancing, and singing.