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Mahika Arora

Mahika Arora
student employee
Career Developer
A147 Lowrise


Mahika Arora is a Career Developer with CICS Careers. She is a Computer Science undergraduate with a certification from the iCons program -- enhancing her major by providing opportunities to engage with real world issues as part of interdisciplinary teams. Mahika's primary interests involve UI/UX design, data analysis and environmental sciences. 

Compelled by her desire to help society and the environment, she founded her organisationWorldwide Shine, which works to promote positivity and inclusivity in addition to ensuring impactful contributions to the environment. She is excited by research and wishes to find cutting-edge solutions to global problems using STEM. She recently finished researching on Empirical Evaluation of Causal Inference Algorithms under the URV Winter '21-'22 Program. 

At CICS Careers, she is excited to assist students for their career journey all the while learning from her peers. As an international student, she aims to utilize her experience and skills to help develop resources that benefit all.