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Apoorva Rajan

student employee
Career Developer
A147 Lowrise


Apoorva Rajan is a Career Developer with CICS careers. She is a computer science master's student from Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences. Her main areas of interest are data engineering and software engineering. She worked as a software developer at redBus, a bus ticketing company, before beginning graduate school. She also leads the web and social media team at Voices of Data Science, an initiative that aspires to utilize the voices of data enthusiasts for the common good.

As a career developer, Apoorva has set out to help individuals by leading them through career planning and strategies, as well as supporting them in identifying and exploring various career opportunities that align with their interests and beliefs. She hopes to use her professional experience, knowledge, and skills to support fellow students in strengthening their abilities to achieve their career goals.

When not focused on academics, Apoorva enjoys dancing, listening to music, traveling, and engaging in adventure sports