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Startup Recruiting Night - 2018

19 Apr
Thursday, 04/19/2018 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Amherst Works, 11 Amity St, Amherst, MA 01002
Career Development

AmherstWorks, Amherst's co-working space, is hosting some of the valley's most innovative startups who are looking to recruit technical talent in the areas of Machine Learning, AI, Mobile Development, Natural Language Processing and more.

Each startup will pitch their business, some challenges they're looking to tackle and the positions they want to fill. Students will then have time to breakout and talk further with each team.

This is great opportunity to meet and build relationships with exciting startups and become part of their growth stories. Come join us at AmherstWorks on April 19 at 5:00pm - bring your expertise, we'll bring the food! Casual attire.

This event is sponsored by the College of Information and Computer Sciences. 


Selected startups have been notified and added below.

CLICK HERE to see who they want to recruit! 



A water technology company committed to providing clean, safe water globally. We have developed and are commercializing a patent-pending novel water purification system for the residential market and beyond.

BSS Additive

Upcycles machine shop chip wastes into mechanically alloyed powders for the metal 3d printing industry. We help recycle rocket engines! :)


A mobile loyalty platform aiming to prevent and ease the burden of student debt through engagement with the top retailers, restaurants and brands. Student debt sucks - $1.4 trillion, 44 million people and growing - we are providing a light at the end of the tunnel for those at every stage of the student debt epidemic just by living your lives and shopping for what you need. We are launching our product in May with over 120 of the top merchants along with a team of 8 and 6 top level advisors.

Esperdyne Technologies

A systems design and integration company specializing in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, data mining and analytics with a core focus on scalable enterprise search technology and architecture for our primary customers. Esperdyne Technologies also actively invests in internal R&D efforts to leverage team proficiencies in spaces including, but not limited to, neural / brain-computer interfaces (bci), virtual (vr) and augmented reality (ar) as well as robotics and telepresence.


Makes software that drives digital fabrication robots like CNC machines and 3D printers.


The cure for disorganized photo overload while preserving family memories with a new and modern digital family library set in a unique social setting.


Personalized genetic profile to drive novel treatment decisions for autism spectrum disorders.


No longer able to attend the event. Students are encouraged to inquire directly about hiring needs.


Developing a cutting-edge addiction treatment platform by combining wearable technology, machine learning, and behavioral psychology. We are pushing the boundaries of digital health beyond activity monitoring by extracting actionable intelligence to offer deeper insights about health. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive solutions to the 200M individuals in our nation battling addiction with nicotine, alcohol, diet, marijuana, opioid, and other drugs.


New and unique Mobile and Desktop App that trains your brain for positive behavior/habit change.  A game changer in the technology wellness area with a new model combining agnostic proven behavioral therapies with coaching and data analytics (i.e., assessment data and wearable integration with AI to optimize client results). Website and base technology platforms in Beta now with open architecture for growth and AI integration. A successful management team from the Bay Area, start up that sold for 370 million on the tech side, and leaders in the behavioral industry. Team members featured on Dateline, CNBC and other major outlets and industry recognition. We need help in scaling, social media and marketing and any other ideas you can bring us. Great opportunity for your experience with a brand new model and startup based in Amherst.

Nobel Weather Associates

A consultancy and analytics company that helps businesses manage their weather-related risk. If your business goes up or down based on the weather (both costs and revenue) then we help you quantify that exposure and do something about it.


This platform allows local banks and credit unions to make loans in real-time using cutting edge data and data science technology. Unlike other lending platforms available to banks, it is not a simple workflow and back office tool. It automates marketing, decisioning and a multitude of other data mining and verification processes. Originally rolled out in December 2015 at Eastern Bank, we've facilitated nearly $100 million in lending and executed thousands of real-time decisions on applications for credit. Loans can be processed, from application to funding, in under five minutes.


Live online interactive yoga classes that can be taken or taught anywhere.


A collaborative coloring application that lowers anxiety, relieves boredom, and fosters connection by engaging people in the cathartic act of coloring while connecting them through the creation of art.  It enables organizations like businesses, colleges and cities to maintain a connection with their constituents and engage them through art which can transcend language, culture and class. We believe there is a dormant artist existing in everyone. Piccles provides the platform for creativity to flourish and unleashes the inner artist in everyone.


An online travel bank that helps customers afford and save towards their travel goals. UMass Innovation Challenge finalists!

Uptrust, Inc. 

Millions of people are jailed every year because they miss court and other mandatory appointments. A failure to appear (FTA) results in incarceration that can be avoided 99% of the time through proper communication and incentive. Uptrust eliminates FTAs, bench warrants, and the resulting incarceration through our unique two-way reminder system. We provide a win-win to all stakeholders: measurable financial savings and huge social benefits to the communities we serve. Uptrust operates in some of America's largest cities in California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, and Virginia and will be expanding to even more jurisdictions this year.


A group of technologists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and investors. We want to eradicate poverty forever. We will do it by creating a cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) to deliver a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to everyone. We recently launched The Crypto UBI Project (TCUP). We need intern developers who want to work on something meaningful during the summer of 2018.