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CPT POLICY for Undergraduate CS MAJORS

Summer Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for International Undergraduate CS Majors

  • CPT is for summer only, not fall or spring semesters. Currently, CICS will not approve CPT for fall or spring semesters. Learn more...
  • CPT can be authorized by the IPO if it is credit earning and directly related to the student's field of study and integral to their program curriculum.  The Undergraduate Program Director (UPD) is the designated reviewer/approver of CPT for CS Majors.
  • CPT is available only prior to the completion of a degree program.  CPT employment may not delay completion of the academic program.
  • Students must have a job offer when submitting the CPT Eform.
  • CPT Eforms for Summer may be submitted beginning March 12 when registration opens.

Specific details about Curricular Practical Training are found on the International Programs Office (IPO) website.  First, please read the information on the IPO website, then follow these steps to have a job offer reviewed/approved, followed by CPE registration for Summer.


  1. Completed two full semesters in F-1 immigration status.*
  2. Good Academic Standing.
  3. Satisfactory Progress toward degree.

*If enrolled in your second semester, review of your CPT will be delayed until you have completed the semester and your grades are posted.

CPT Application for SUMMER ONLY:

Eligible CS Majors follow these steps (incomplete or incorrectly completed submissions will be denied):

  1. Must have a job offer.  Do not accept the job offer until your CPT Eform is approved.
  2. Enrollment is required: CICS 396T for one credit, Mandatory Pass/Fail, online through CPE.**
  3. Complete (top half only) of the CPE Registration form (found here).  We will complete the course details, etc., and obtain appropriate approval signatures after your CPT Eform is approved.
  4. CPT Eform submitted to IPO beginning March 12. Please fill out the form using the following information:
    • Use the Option: I will receive academic credit...
    • Advisor Name: Timothy Richards
    • Advisor Email: upd@cs.umass.edu
    • Advisor Phone: 413-545-2459
    • Upload supporting documents:
      • Offer letter - be sure that all the details required are included (see IPO website)
      • Completed CPE registration form (lower sections left blank--will still require course details and CS approval).
  5. Registration in CICS 396T will be verified by the Undergraduate Program Manager after CPT Eform is approved by the UPD.  Enrollment for CPE Summer courses opens on March 12 and registration will be completed after this date.

**Although this one-credit course will appear on your transcript, it does not count toward your CS Major requirements.  There is a $47 registration fee and $195 per credit fee associated with this Independent Study for Summer 2018.

If you have questions, please email upd@cs.umass.edu