4+1 B.S./M.S. Computer Science Accelerated Degree Program

For the strongest computer science undergraduates at the University of Massachusetts Amherst as well as at the participating five-colleges, the College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS) offers an accelerated degree program. The Accelerated Master's Degree Option is designed to enable graduate programs to identify potential candidates as early as the junior year of study by extending an "early" (conditional) offer of admission. The requirements for the bachelor's and master's degrees remain unchanged.

Eligibility to apply:

  • Students must apply by November 30th during their Junior year (based on credits). Late applications will not be considered. Students wishing to apply after the deadline may apply through normal admissions channels
  • Students must have an overall GPA of 3.4 or higher at the time of application to the 4+1 program
  • Students must COMPSCI 311 with a grade or B+ or better (no substitutions will be considered) prior to or at the end of the application semester.

Application decisions and email notifications to accepted students will be made by January 10th.

Requirements for admission:

  • Students must complete all the requirements for their undergraduate CS degree (120 credits + degree* requirements)
  • Students must take an additional 9 credits* at UMass Graduate level (500+) prior to graduation (total of 129 credits)
  • Students must have satisfied/satisfy two COMPSCI core requirements* by/during their senior year 
  • Students must maintain a 3.4 overall GPA throughout their junior/senior years
  • Students must complete (if they had not at time of application) COMPSCI 311 with a grade of B+ or better (repeats will not be considered)

*these credits/classes should essentially satisfy the CS 400+ upper-level requirements. See tracking form.

Students meeting the requirements submit a formal application by February 1 during their last semester to the UMass Graduate School for summer admission after the completion of their senior year. GRE requirement will be waived. Bay State MS/Scholar program tuition credit will be applied to the bursar bill of students who meet the program parameters listed (tuition credits are not applied toward CPE offered courses)

Summer Enrollment:

  • Students must enroll in 6 credits of approved graduate-level work through CPE the summer after formal application is accepted 
  • If summer enrollment is deferred (not recommended) students must enroll in at least 1 credit via CPE

M.S. Enrollment:

  • Students must complete the remaining 15 credits (+6 credits if summer enrollment is deferred which is not recommended)
  • Students must complete the remaining M.S degree requirements per program outline
  • Students must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA

Sample schedule:

Junior Year Senior Year Summer Master's 1 (Fall) Master's 1(Spring)
[Apply] Core Courses (6 cr) [Grad Matriculation] Core Course (3 cr) Core Course (3 cr)
  Course (3 cr) Courses (6 cr) Courses or MS Project (6 cr) Course (3 cr)

Accelerated status may be rescinded for those students who do not maintain the GPA minimum through their final semester or who do not complete requirements stated above.