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Masters Concentration in Security: Pre-Application and Plan of Study

This form serves as the pre-application for the Computer Science Masters Concentration in Security. You must be enrolled as a UMass Amherst Computer Science Masters student before submitting this application. See http://www.umass.edu/gradschool/admissions/ for admission information.

Please indicate the program options that you are most interested in below. Your selections are non-binding and will be used for planning purposes only. Submission of this form does not guarantee you seats in any particular class. For full information on Concentration requirements, see https://www.cics.umass.edu/grads/ms-concentration-security. Questions about this program should be directed to csinfo@cs.umass.edu. 

Student Info
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The expected length of the Masters program is four semesters (two years). Including the current semester, how many semesters do you have left to complete your Masters degree requirements?
Please select the courses that you wish to use to complete the concentration:
5 of the next courses must be completed:
Specify which of the 2 classes you plan to take: