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Informatics DIgital Media Track

Do you want to:

Work as an illustrator?  Build accessible electronic products? 

Work in the video gaming industry?  Create complex 2D and 3D graphics?   

If yes, then the Informatics Digital  Track might be for you!

The program fosters an appreciation of both artistic and technical aspects of multimedia and enables students to focus on developing in-depth skills in either the technical or artistic domain, or both. Students with strong technical skills will become versed in the language of art so they can collaborate with artistic colleagues. The courses take a project based learning approach where students have opportunities to design, model, and implement their ideas.

Modeling screen shot of dinosaur          


The Multimedia Track is an interdisciplinary investigation of the creative use and application of technology in digital art. Students engage in the production of electronic objects and interfaces, moving images, 3D modeling and animation, digital games, digital imaging, rapid prototyping, Internet art, and sound. Here is one example of a student project.

Digital Media Required Courses

       COMPSCI 326: Web Programming

       ART 374: Computer Animation I

       ART 384: Computer Animation II

Digital Media Elective Course Options (choose four*)

       COMPSCI 373: Introduction to Computer Graphics

       ART 274: Animation Fundamentals

       ART 385: Media & Motion Graphics 

       COMPSCI 474: Advanced Image Synthesis

       JOURNAL 435: Web Design for Journalists

       JOURNAL 494MI: Media, Technology and Culture

       EDUC 398B: Learning, Media and Technology

       EDUC 593A: Technology in Curriculum

       SCH-Mgmt 397B: Internet Technology & e-Business

       MARKETING 455-01: Internet Marketing (Requires Marketing 301)

       ART 471: Senior Seminar

       INFO 397G: Creative Game Design

       *Students may also propose an elective

Descriptions for CS Courses

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