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Leadership Opportunities for CS Majors

The College offers Leadership Opportunities for rising Juniors and Seniors.  If you are not yet a Junior or Senior, read about the future opportunities and see what lies ahead for you!

Announcement posted on August 18, 2014:

Attention Rising Juniors and Senior CS Students

Stand out among your peers while you earn money and the respect of future employers!

Whether you are planning to pursue graduate studies or are preparing for your first professional position in industry, leadership skills make the difference. UMass CS graduates are constantly proving they have what it takes in the real world---here's another way to stand out among your generation of computer scientists!

The School of Computer Science is encouraging Juniors and Seniors to apply for Leadership Committees. These committees give you the chance to contribute to the professional development of younger students, to elevate your status in CS, and to acquire the credentials, leadership abilities, and mentoring skills that will prepare you for the next phase of your career---while you earn some spending money to boot! We pay $12/hr and hours can usually be arranged to fit your class schedule. Plus members will be awarded a Leadership Certificate with their diploma upon graduation.

Make a difference in the lives of the students that will follow in your footsteps. Please consider applying to the following important positions for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Leadership Committee: CS ROCks (Recruiting and Outreach Committee - 5 fellows)

Choosing the right University is the first big decision in a student's academic life. Members of this committee truly learn what computer science entails and articulate a vision for the future of our discipline. There is some training required. Duties include: coordinating with a point-of-contact in each research laboratory in the School of CS; representing the school and the full scope of research and development in computer science in the 21st century; scheduling visits for prospective students and their families; and hosting visitors for tours.

Leadership Committee: CS ACE (Peer Advisor Committee - 5 fellows)

Remember being confused about whether you needed a C++ course, whether it was possible to take 250 ahead of 240 or where that bug in your 187 project might be? How much would you have given to know that you didn't have to schedule an appointment for an adviser---you could just stop into the Advising Center right in the CS building on your way to class! Members of the ACE leadership committee will staff the ACE Advising Center and are trained to know the answers (or to find them).

Members are responsible for freshmen advising and on-call advising during regular hours that are compatible with each member's schedule.

Get Involved! Pick the right committee for you!

And get ready for a great 2014-2015 school year!


Rod Grupen, Undergraduate Program Director

Tim Richards, Chief Undergraduate Advisor