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Six Graduating Seniors Honored for Outstanding Achievements at CICS

Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement Awards

Six graduating seniors have been chosen by the UMass Amherst College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS) to receive the 2020 Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement Awards, an annual honor that is the highest given by the college to undergraduates. This year’s recipients, recognized for outstanding performance in the classroom and in the community, are informatics students Jacob Bashista and Arianna Kazemi, and computer science students Emily Earl, Lillian Grassin-Drake, Matthew Pearce, and Adam Viola.

“These students have distinguished themselves in academic excellence, research, leadership, and commitment to helping others,” said Benjamin Marlin, associate professor and acting computer science undergraduate program director at CICS. “With their valuable contributions, our Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement award recipients honor their peers, the faculty, the college, and the University of Massachusetts.”

“The informatics students chosen for this award represent a talented and ambitious first class of graduates from our new BS in informatics program,” added Michelle Trim, senior teaching faculty and informatics program associate director. “Their passion for using computing to explore interdisciplinary pathways for innovation helped us build this program, and we celebrate and honor their achievements.”