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Siegelmann Wins Hebb Award for Contributions to Biological Learning

Hava Siegelmann

CICS Professor Hava Siegelmann, director of the BINDS laboratory, was selected as the 2016 recipient of the International Neural Network Society (INNS) Hebb Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions to biological learning. The award will be presented in July at the 2016 World Conference on Computational Intelligence in Vancouver.

Named for Donald Hebb who pioneered the concept of brain self-organization and information processing, the Hebb Award is presented annually to senior, highly accomplished researchers for outstanding contributions made in the field of Neural Networks, and in particular, in the area of computational learning.

Siegelmann's primary contributions are in the field of biologically inspired computational systems. She is known for her seminal work on Super-Turing computation, an alternative form of computation that models dynamic biological systems more closely. Siegelmann is a core faculty member of the university's Neuroscience & Behavior graduate program.

This is the second Hebb Award for CICS faculty; Professor Emeritus Andrew Barto was a Hebb Award recipient in 2014.