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Ramesh Sitaraman's research on an energy-efficient cloud system highlighted

Associate Professor Ramesh Sitaraman's research on an energy-efficient cloud system is described in the following:

Batteries should be part of the Internet Infrastructure

Batteries Included: A Leaner and Greener Internet using Smart Batteries

The Internet goes green

Two of Sitaraman's publications related to green and sustainability of the Internet can be downloaded:

Using Batteries to Reduce the Power Costs of Internet-scale Distributed Networks,
D.S. Palasamudram, R.K. Sitaraman, B.Urgaonkar, and R. Urgaonkar,  
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium of Cloud Computing (SOCC), San Jose, CA,  October 2012. Download PDF

Energy-Aware Load Balancing in Content Delivery Networks,
Vimal Mathew, Ramesh K. Sitaraman, and Prashant Shenoy,
Proceedings of the the 31st Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM 2012), March, 2012. Download PDF