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Nominations now being accepted for 2014 Outstanding Achievement and Advocacy Awards

To recognize their remarkable accomplishments of graduates of the Department's degree programs and to acknowledge the support of important friends of the department, the Department established the University of Massachusetts Amherst Computer Science Department Outstanding Achievement and Advocacy Award (OAA) program, under which awards will be presented annually in various categories.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2014 OAA Awards. Nominations should be sent by email to Jean Joyce (jean@cs.umass.edu) by November 15, 2014.

Preferably, an OAA nomination should consist of:

  • The name, title, and organizational affiliation of the nominee,
  • Contact information for the nominee (at least a current email address and telephone number),
  • The name(s) of the nominator(s),
  • Contact information for the nominator(s) (at least a current email address and telephone number).

In addition, it would be helpful if you could provide us with:

  • A brief biography summarizing the nominee's career (no more than one page),
  • A statement of the nominee's outstanding achievements in the award category,
  • A very brief (no more than 25 word) suggested citation to be written on the OAA winner's award plaque.

Categories from prior OAA awards include:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Education
  • Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship
  • Outstanding Achievement in Management
  • Outstanding Achievement in Public Service
  • Outstanding Achievement in Research
  • Outstanding Achievement in Technology Development
  • Outstanding Achievement by a Young Alum
  • Outstanding Contributions to Society
  • Outstanding Support for the Department

For the "Outstanding Young Alum" award, nominee should be a CS alum who will be under the age of 35 on May 3, 2014, or an alum whose last UMass Amherst CS degree was awarded within the past ten years. For the category of Outstanding Support for the Department, nominees do not need to be graduates of UMass Amherst.

View list of previous OAA Award Recipients.

The 2014 OAA Banquet and Events will be held on Friday, May 2, 2014. Please save the date! Details will be posted on http://www.cs.umass.edu/oaa2014.