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Jiang, Towsley, and Alumni Collaborators Presented with SIGMETRICS Best Paper Award for Research on Competition Among Agents for Resources

Bo Jiang

CICS Post Doc Bo Jiang, Distinguished Professor Don Towsley, and alumni Daniel Figueiredo (Ph.D. '05, now at a professor at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) and Bruno Ribeiro (Ph.D. '10, now a professor at Purdue University) won the Best Paper Award at the 2016 SIGMETRICS Conference last week in Juan-les-Pin, France.

Their submission, "On the Duration and Intensity of Competitions in Nonlinear Polya Urn Processes with Fitness," presents the results of their research on competitions among two agents with possibly different fitnesses (skill sets) for resources using the Polya Urn mathematical model.  Their findings shed light on the application of Polya urn processes in more general contexts where fitness and nonlinearities may be present.

The SIGMETRICS conference is considered the premier Association of Computing Machinery event for the computer systems performance evaluation community.