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Research Labs and Groups

Convergent Computing Systems Lab

CCSL research is aimed at supporting the creation and use of systems that incorporate components from different sources (e.g., written in different languages or imported from different Internet sites) into a synergistic whole. Current projects include JavaSPIN, a persistence extension for Java, and PolySPIN, an approach to automating seamless interoperability among Java, C++ and CLOS software modules.

Computer Graphics Laboratory

The Computer Graphics (GFX) Laboratory focuses on modeling of the real world, and simulation of physically based illumination phenomena. Research topics include global illumination algorithms, real-time rendering, graphics hardware based rendering, and geometric acquisition of the real-world.

Digital Forensics Laboratory

The Digital Forensics Laboratory is a unique partnership between UMass Amherst and the Massachusetts State Police.  The Lab's work advances digital forensics science and technology, addressing the challenge of the protean nature of computer systems and the Internet. Our core mission is to develop and apply novel research and technology in forensics and privacy to address the interests of government, law, and society.

Biologically Inspired Neural & Dynamical Systems Laboratory

The Biologically Inspired Neural & Dynamical Systems Laboratory aims to apply techniques developed in computer science to problems in biology and to turn insights gained from biological systems to construct better computational algorithms. A specific goal is to employ computational techniques from machine learning, such as clustering and Bayesian network modeling, to solve problems in functional genomics. Another goal of the lab is to build mathematical models of neural circuitries in the brain.

Architecture and Language Implementation

The Architecture and Language Implementation group has the goal of improving the performance of computer systems through the synergistic enhancement of the compiler, run-time environment, and architecture. Efforts include a wide range of optimizations for improving memory subsystem performance, Java virtual machines, garbage collection algorithms, microarchitectural support for advanced compiler and run-time optimizations, and parallel architecture (including optimizations for GPUs).


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