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Research Labs and Groups

Resource Bounded Reasoning Lab

The Resource-Bounded Reasoning Research Group studies the construction of intelligent systems that can operate in real-time environments under uncertainty and limited computational resources. The group conducts research in decision theory, real-time planning, autonomous agent architectures and reasoning under uncertainty.

Laboratory in Kine(ma)tics and Geometry (LinKaGe)

The Laboratory in Kine(ma)tics and Geometry's research belongs to computational geometry: the investigation of algorithmic problems with geometric content. Its focus is on rigidity, flexibility and motion for constrained structures like linkages or frameworks in mechanics or robotics. In an interdisciplinary spirit, LinKaGe also considers applications to computational biology, and investigates computational methods for motion generation in molecules (in particular, proteins).

Knowledge Discovery Laboratory

KDL investigates how to find useful patterns in large and complex databases. We study the underlying principles of data mining algorithms, develop innovative techniques for knowledge discovery, and apply those techniques to practical tasks in areas such as fraud detection, scientific data analysis, and web mining.

Engineering Research Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere

The NSF Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) seeks to revolutionize the way we observe, detect, and predict atmospheric phenomena by creating distributed collaborative adaptive sensor networks that sample the atmosphere where and when end-users needs are greatest.


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