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Yannis Smaragdakis

Department of Informatics, University of Athens
Adjunct Associate Professor
Off Campus


Professor Smaragdakis's research interests are in applied programming languages and software engineering. His research aims to make software more modular, more reusable, more reliable, and more efficient. * Modular and reusable software: Much of Prof. Smaragdakis's work deals with domain-specific languages and compilers, program generation and transformation, and language support for software modules. All these are closely related mechanisms, as they have in common the need to separate and factor out distinct aspects of program functionality with mechanisms beyond the capabilities of traditional programming languages. * Efficient software: Prof. Smaragdakis's work often has a strong performance or systems-oriented flavor. He has worked on language tools for distributed computing, on programming models for software transactional memory, as well as on lower-level system topics, such as memory management algorithms both at the operating system level, and at the processor cache level. * Reliable Software: A large part of Prof. Smaragdakis's research work concerns software analysis and testing, with topics such as combining static and dynamic analyses for better testing accuracy, producing program invariants through a combination of concrete and symbolic execution, and deriving test cases both from models and from concrete programs.


Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin (1999); M.Sc. Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin (1995); B.Sc. Computer Science, University of Crete (1993). Professor Smaragdakis joined the UMass CS department in 2008. Before that he was at the University of Oregon and at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Activities & Awards

Professor Smaragdakis has received Best Paper Awards at the ASE'07, ISSTA'06, GPCE'04, and USENIX'99 conferences. He is a recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER award (2003) and ITR Award (2002). He has given keynote presentations at the 2008 SPIN workshop, the 2007 Tests and Proofs conference, and the 2004 PEPM/PPDP/SAS/LOPSTR conferences. Professor Smaragdakis received the Outstanding Junior Faculty Research award of the Georgia Tech College of Computing in 2004, and a faculty teaching award by the "Minorities in CS" group in 2006. He has participated in the Program Committees of numerous conferences, including most recently PLDI'09, CC'09, OOPSLA'08, ISSTA'08, FSE'08, and POPL'08. He was Program Chair of the GPCE conference in 2003 and General Chair in 2008. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a member of the IFIP Working Group 2.11.