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04 Mar
Theory Seminar
Computer Science Building Room 140
Wednesday, 03/04/2020 12:15pm to 1:15pm

In many online learning paradigms, such as the Expert and Bandit problems, each single decision point (either expert or arm) is evaluated  and learned in a homogeneous way. Motivated by the learning paradigms of some...

04 Mar
Computer Science Building, Room 150/151
Wednesday, 03/04/2020 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Abstract: Haptics, the science and technology of programmable touch experiences, is increasingly used to improve functionality in virtual reality, robotics, and wearable applications. Investments by large companies such...

04 Mar
Special Event
Integrative Learning Center, Room N111
Wednesday, 03/04/2020 7:00pm to 9:00pm

With the developments of modern programming languages such as Java and Python, one can spend an entire software engineering career never having to read or write assembly. But this is not to say that knowledge of assembly...