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TripAdvisor presents three mini tech talks

24 Sep
Wednesday, 09/24/2014 8:00am to 9:00am

Matt Kelly, Jing Niu, and Neil Wheaton, TripAdvisor

Computer Science Building, CS 150/151

The Search for 50 Million Missing Database Records

When the unicode spec, glibc, database replication, and Postgres's query optimizer interact to misplace 50 million rows, it certainly makes for an interesting day in the office.  This talk will walk through the discovery and diagnosis of a bug deep inside the source code of Postgres.  We'll talk about how the offending function call was correct when originally written for a single machine database, but now can cause subtly corrupt indexes in clusters.  We'll also talk about our ongoing interaction with the Postgres open-source community to get this bug resolved. -- Matt Kelly 

Bio: Matt Kelly is 2012 graduate of UMass Computer Science department, and recipient of the department's undergraduate Theory Award.  In his two years of being a full time employee at TripAdvisor, he has worked across all levels of the stack and in many areas of the code base.  He has commit code in 12+ languages, written javascript that has run on billions of browsers, and wrote large sections of TripAdvisors PCI compliant credit card processing software.  Recently, he switched to operations team to become the company's expert on the Postgres open source database system which powers all of our production systems.  His typical workload involves attending Postgres conferences, shell scripting, debugging C, reading papers on concurrently modifiable B-trees, and meeting with SSD vendors.

Travel Guides - Building a New Product at TripAdvisor Speed

At TripAdvisor, speed wins! Most recently, Jing Niu was involved in the development of Travel Guides. These guides are created by local experts to help travelers experience the best of what a city has to offer. Jing will talk about how, using some cool technology and rapid development cycles, this great product came to be! -- Jing Niu, Software Engineer

Informal Discussion, Q&A: Acing a Technical Interview

Tips and Q&A on how to prepare for a technical interview so that you'll feel confident in handling any question that comes your way -- Neil Wheaton, Sr. Technical Manager


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