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Security Speaker Series: Jeff Long (MITRE)

05 Dec
Wednesday, 12/05/2018 1:25pm to 2:25pm
Computer Science Building, Room 151
Security Seminar
Speaker: Jeff Long

Cybersecurity Institute
Security Speaker Series

Title: "Software Defined Radio and Cyber Security"

Abstract: The intersection of cyber security and wireless communication is increasingly important, as more and more of the systems we rely on become wirelessly connected. Evaluating and improving the security of these systems requires an understanding of the intersection of these domains. Software defined radio (SDR) hardware and software provides a bridge, allowing software-focused people access to the world of radio. This talk introduces some basic radio and SDR concepts and tools that enable cyber/RF research. Speaker

Bio: Jeff Long is a Principal Cyber Security Engineer with The MITRE Corporation. His interests include cyber security, embedded systems, networking, software defined radio (SDR), and reverse engineering. He is an open source software enthusiast, and has contributed to several SDR-related projects.

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