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Personalized Behavior-Powered Systems for Guiding Self-Experiments

29 Oct
Monday, 10/29/2018 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Computer Science Building, Room 150/151
Rising Stars

Abstract: The goal of my research is to study how individual perform self-experiments, which are experiments that they conduct on themselves such as testing how coffee affects their sleep. Based on that, we build behavior-powered systems that help novices run such experiments. I will talk about SleepCoacher: a system for self-experiments in sleep that includes a sleep-tracking smartphone application that collects data from sensors and user input to provide and evaluate the effect of actionable personalized recommendations for improving sleep. Going further, we want to build a system for broader self-experiments, which would let the  user choose which behaviors to change and automatically break down the behavior change experiment into a series of steps, and communicate them to the user through actionable messages. The goal is to make self experimentation more accessible by providing easy to understand interventions and results. Together, these systems will lead us towards a vision of perpetual self-experiments, where users can continuously receive recommendations and change little snippets of their behavior to constantly improve their well-being. 

Bio: Nediyana is a fifth-year PhD student in Computer Science at Brown University. She is a part of the Human-Computer Interaction group and is advised by Jeff Huang. Before Brown, she received her B.A. in Computer Science from Grinnell College. Her research is focused on designing, developing, and evaluating systems that empower users to improve their health and well-being through interventions that work specifically for them. Her work has been published in UIST, CHI, and Ubicomp, and she completed 3 research internships at Yahoo, Microsoft Research, and Instagram.

A reception for attendees will be held at 3:30 p.m. in CS 150.


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