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Optimizing WAN Performance Across the Networking Stack

22 Apr
Monday, 04/22/2019 12:00pm to 2:00pm
CS 303
PhD Dissertation Proposal Defense
Speaker: Rachee Singh


In this thesis proposal, I will describe my contributions towards empirically understanding inefficiencies in the performance of Wide Area Networks (WANs) and the tools I have developed to fix them. Then, I describe the two problems I plan to solve in this research direction towards the completion of my thesis.

First, I describe the fundamental trade-off between the performance and operational costs of cloud provider WANs. A preliminary analysis of the traffic engineering systems in production scale WANs shows that this trade-off has largely been overlooked in favor of optimizing the client-side performance, allowing cloud providers to spend arbitrarily high operational costs. My goal is to develop a framework to accurately model the inter- and intra-domain costs of a WAN and the associated performance benefits of these costs. Equipped with this framework, I then plan to re-visit classic traffic engineering optimization goals of reducing latency and congestion with an eye towards operational cost minimization.

The second goal of my proposed research is to develop frameworks for identifying and mitigating attack traffic in anonymous communication. My past work has used passive measurements in the Tor network to identify the characteristics of attack traffic. I now propose an active measurement framework to detect abusive traffic in the Tor network while ensuring the anonymity and privacy of its existing users.

Advisor: Phillipa Gill