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NSF Scholarship for Service Info Session

08 Mar
Tuesday, 03/08/2016 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Computer Science Building, Room 150
Special Event

UMass recently became an NSF-sponsored Scholarship for Service school. That means that we have 28 two-year scholarships to award to our students who are studying security. Each year of the scholarship offers full tuition and fees, plus a stipend ($34k for grads, $26k for ugrads), plus $9k in other stipends (books, travel, health care, professional development). In exchange for each year of support, upon graduation, students must to take a security-oriented job in the gov't (federal, state, local, tribal) for one year at full pay and benefits. Those jobs can include FFRDCs such as Lincoln Labs, Mitre, Oak Ridge Labs, Los Alamos Labs, etc. It could also be a postdoc or faculty position at a *state* university. Students have to complete an internship during the summer with the same requirements (again, full pay). Two other important requirement: NSF requires that you be a US citizen or permanent resident; you have to apply for a security clearance. There are other smaller details.

I'm holding an information session about the program next Tuesday at 4pm--5pm in Room 150 of the CS Building. I think the ideal candidates are students entering into the two-year UMass CS MS program this fall who are seniors in CS now. But it's possible to award to students who are two years from graduation with a BS, MS, or PhD. This program will go on for at least 5 years and maybe more, so even if you are a frosh now, you will find it useful to come to the session to see how best to prepare for it.

More details, FAQ, and the application: https://cyber.cs.umass.edu/sfs

Students in Isenberg, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Math/Stats are also eligible; tell your friends.